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Slang words from 1920s

For Tomatoes and Sheiks

When researching past eras, I often have to translate the slang of the period to understand what a person’s words really mean. Here’s a fun

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First Female Lifeguard

Every other month or so I receive an email or a letter from someone who’s spotted themselves or a relative among the photos in Historic

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Conoco Travel Map 1923

Find Your Way

To help me explain the importance of Texas and Oklahoma toll bridges in the Red River Bridge War, I had to explain the development of

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Gov. Alfalfa Bill of Oklahoma

A Fraught Month

For many Americans, 1931 marked the depth of the Great Depression, with high unemployment, bank failures, evictions, and little help from Washington. State governors did

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Devil's Hole by The Muuj

It’s the Pits

Before backyard pools, municipal swimming pools, and water parks, many Dallasites went for summer dips in the water-filled gravel pits surrounding town. The pits had

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Treatment for Veterans

PTSD symptoms were common among Confederate veterans. Dr. J.A.D. Hite advertised that he could permanently cure these verterans.

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